Krawler Hauler

The Krawler Hauler is available in these popular sizes:
- 1786KM     - 2186KM     - 2286KM
- 2486SKM (slide out model)


  • Trailer

Standard Features

Coupler Bumper Pull, 2 5/16"
Trailer Width 8'6"
Trailer Height 7'6"
Trailer Nose Tapered Nose
Construction All aluminum
Roof .040 One piece aluminum roof
Floor Aluminum plank floor
Open Deck Open deck including 56" dovetail
Tie Downs 4 Medium duty floor ties
Rear Storage Two recessed storage compartments at rear with locking lids
Ramps 8' Pull-out ramps
Roof Spoiler Rear roof spoiler with 3 LED lights
Wheels Aluminum wheels
Tires 235 x 16" Radial tires, nitrogen filled
Axles/Brakes 7000lb rubber torsion axles
Spread axle configuration
Brakes 4 Wheel electric brakes
Landing Gear Dual hydraulic jacks
Spare Spare tire and wheel
Safety Lights Clear lens LED marker lights and 2 LED tail lights
Awning Electric awning


Popular Options

Stainless nose
Graphics package
Bonded side skin
Added length
Added height